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With Shirley Robinson & Heather Lucier

It’s the Year of the Voice!  

A clarion call has gone out in the spirit as time is speeding up and the Spirit of God is adjusting our mindset about the apostolic, the prophetic, the church and the need for believers to arise and take their place of influence in our society.

This call is not just for men, but for the women of this nation!  I believe the Lord is highlighting women in this season of the voice.  He is calling those who have been quiet and subdued. He is awakening those who have relegated themselves to a lesser status for the purpose of conformity, He is calling them to step into the light and let their voices be heard. 

Finding Your Voice Women’s Conference is about taking stock of the things that have silenced you, re-adjusting your mentality to align with the word of God, and learning how to step out into the destiny you were created for.

Come join us April 17th & 18th @ Sandman Inn, Kelowna, BC to hear some amazing and stories and teaching from women who have overcome the odds and found their voice.

Sandman Inn

2130 Harvey Ave, Kelowna


April 17, 2020


April 18, 2020

   9:30am, 1:30pm, 6:30pm

Please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Kelowna Food Bank

Registration opens at 4:30pm on April 17, then please join us for a meet & greet until the event begins at 6:30pm.

There is no childcare at this event and the facility is not conducive to small children.  Please try to make other arrangements for your children.

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