Providing leadership, encouragement and a safe place for teens ages 13-18 to grow in their journey with Christ. Our goal is to guide our youth as they transition into adulthood with scripture, teaching, mentorship, and fun group activities. These teen years define identity in influential ways. It is important to have a good foundation of faith. We want to see our youth grow confident in coming out of their “shell” and communicating the gospel to those around them. We want our youth to live in the world, but not be of it.


In short, our vision is to strive to be a "beacon of light” for the youth and have our youth be a "beacon of light” to those around them.

Our youth ministry is always looking for help and support, either with teaching, mentorship, or simply offering a helping hand. All volunteers are subject to a criminal record check.

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Jordyn Montgomery

Youth Coordinator

For the duration of my adult life, I have been drawn to teens. Since becoming a Christian, it has been a strong passion of mine to be able to guide teens through their walk with Jesus. As I grew up in a different religion, there was a period of time when I left the Lord and realized how important the teenage years are for remaining true to God. It has been deeply embedded in my heart that teens need strong support from those in the faith. After praying, spending much time in the Word, and reading a number of the Church’s books, I had a vision come to me while on The Battle for Canada Worship Tour. A page in this book flipped open that I had not read yet and the first words I had seen were “YOUTH GROUP”. It suddenly brought me back to memories of my late teens and attending youth. Since being with the church, children from all ages have been drawn to not only myself, but Mitch Murphy.  It couldn’t have been more perfect as this vision from the Lord was not only meant for myself, but for my best friend – Mitch. Together we look forward to being a “Beacon of Light” for the youth.

Lauren MacNaughton

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

My heart and passion is to see children raised up in the love of Christ and learn to walk in supernatural power through his Holy Spirit. I have several years experience working with children and youth – including acting as a Sunday school teacher, child care provider, social worker, and general “lover of kiddos”.